BJ Penn: "Maybe Anderson was bored of being champion"

BJ Penn:
July 9th 2013
Former lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn advances the theory that Anderson Silva’s professed relief at no longer holding the middleweight championship title might be genuine, and that the Brazilian “might have been bored” after having effectively cleaned out his division more than once. Silva lost the belt to Chris Weidman on Saturday night after his decision to posture and clown around backfired spectacularly thanks to Weidman catching him with a left hook which KO’d him. Afterwards Anderson claimed he does not want the rematch he is entitled to, and said it was something of a relief not to have the belt any more. However, those words came in the heat of the immediate post-fight moments and on reflection - and in particular on consideration of the pay benefits that the title brings - he might reconsider his position in the coming weeks.

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