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Anderson's daughter slams UFC, fairweather fans


Anderson Silva might be downplaying the enormity of his loss to new middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 162, but his eldest daughter can’t say the same.

The 17-year old Kaory caused controversy on Twitter in her native Brazil by claiming that her father could have kept the belt he held for seven years and nine months had he really wanted to. 

“He will always be a champion. He has already showed to the world that nobody can beat him if he doesn’t want it,” she wrote.

“I never liked the ideal of my father being a fighter and now that I know he is tired of it I will give him all my support.”

Kaory went on with straight talk. For her the UFC only aims for profit and the organization no longer treats the sport as it deserves.

“The world has changed,” she writes. “[They] don’t give the same respect to the martial arts like they used to.”

Responding to a Brazilian reporter who told he that the UFC had been responsible for the lifestyle she enjoys, Kaory disagreed.

“It was thanks to my father that my life changed, it was thanks to his talent that our life changed, it was thanks to his adversaries that my life changed and not because of the UFC,” she wrote.

“It was because people valued my father’s work that my life changed, not because of UFC.”