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Bisping refutes KO rumor as "bulls--t"


Michael Bisping says that there is no truth to a report that he was KO’d while sparring with boxers at the Wild Card gym in Los Angeles recently.

While he doesn’t deny training at the gym, headed by coach Freddie Roach, he says that claims by the Middle Easy site that he was ‘green-lighted’ after going too hard are not true.

The report claimed that Bisping had gone all-out on an inferior boxer and that a seasoned professional had then been given the ‘green light’ to go in and settle the score.

“Ok, so these liars at Middle Easy are saying I got ko'd at wild card gym. This is 100% not true. Now gfy middle easy and correct your story!” Bisping tweeted.

Asked if he had been knocked down by any sparring partners he replied, “Nope!”

The report was part of Middle Easy’s regular ‘Sunday Morning Rumor Mill’ feature, which delivers gossip and other items, usually from unnamed sources.

The site is sticking by its story though. “This rumor from our Sunday Morning Rumor Mill came from such a reliable source that we just can't imagine a scenario in which he/she would make it up,” a representative posted on The Underground forum.

“100% bulls--t,” says Bisping, who is in the UK this week for the UK MMA Expo this coming weekend.

“I have never been ko'd sparring at wildcard gym, or in sparring ever. Recovering from eye surgery so haven't sparred a while.”