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Hendricks: "I'm more successful than GSP on Canadian soil"


Johny Hendricks considers himself to be more successful than Georges St-Pierre in fights on Canadian soil because “I've [actually] finished people in Canada”.

Hendricks’ third child was born last week and now he says - jokingly - he has to win the belt to keep the girls in the style to which they are accustomed.

The top contender will contest the welterweight title at UFC 167 on November 16. The event takes place in Las Vegas but Hendricks says the location is really irrelevant.

“I'm happy it's gonna be in Vegas but it didn't matter where I fought him. I just want to fight him.... I just want to punch him, punch him in the freakin' face and see how it goes from there.... Hopefully I can make GSP exciting. That's my gameplan,” he tells MMA Xposed.

"I've had just as much success in Canada as he has. Actually more because I've finished people in Canada.”