Sonnen moving to California to train with Munoz and Reign


Chael Sonnen seems to have a new lease of life in him, judging by comments he makes on this week’s UFC Tonight.

The two-weight title challenger says he will be returning to middleweight after his upcoming light-heavyweight fight with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in Boston.

“I’ll return to middleweight after beating Shogun. There’re two guys I want to get matched up with: Vitor Belfort, because he’s awesome and he’s on an incredible roll. And Wanderlei Silva, who I’ve heard is going back to middleweight,” he says.

“The landscape has completely changed. I’ve got a new contract and I’m returning to the weight class.”

Sonnen also revealed some geographic changes at his end. Having spent most of his career training at his own Team Quest facility in Portland, Oregon, he is now going to be training with a former adversary from the wrestling circuit.

“I’ve moved to Southern California and am training at Reign with Mark Munoz. My new contract, which is a five-fight deal, was finalized today,” he says.