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Maia on Sonnen, GSP and wrestling


Everybody loves a good comeback story, especially in the domain of combat sports. Thus, as bringing you good combat sports stories is what we do best, Fighters Only recently spoke with resurgent submission specialist Demian Maia in his home country of Brazil.

The former middleweight contender has looked nigh-on unstoppable since dropping to 170lb and we wanted to find out exactly what manner of training, both physical and psychological, has contributed to the creation of Maia 2.0.

Maia on wrestling:

“I've focused on wrestling since the Anderson fight. I found various wrestling camps to train at. And now it's coming out, it comes out with the right stimulus. But I think what I do is not wrestling but kind of a mix...

“The thing is, I really enjoy wrestling, it's a very playful thing to train. I like the double, the single, a couple of takedowns from the clinch... That one against Chael Sonnen was a good one because I didn't use that much energy.”

Maia on Chael Sonnen:

“Actually he is a nice guy and so everyone who asks me about him here in Brazil, I tell them he is a nice guy, very smart and is just playing a role. Of course, some people take him serious and they don't like it and they think he's really being serious when he is just making jokes.”

Maia on GSP:

“St Pierre is the toughest fighter in the [welterweight] division. It's so hard to beat him, he is such a strategic fighter. He always tries to do things that the opponent is weakest at.”

Read the full interview with Maia in which he talks more about training, his feelings on Anderson Silva and more, inside our special 'Brazilian' edition. Order your copy here