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Jones: "Phil Davis took Gustafsson's soul"


Harsh words from Jon Jones this week ahead of his UFC 165 light-heavyweight title clash with Alexander Gustafsson.

The defending champion recently went on a press tour with Gustafsson but the trip hasn’t built much mutual affection. Gustafsson decided Jones was “fake” while Jones doesn’t rate the Swedish challenger highly.

“Phil Davis took his soul, took his heart, took his will to fight away in under five minutes," Jones said.  "He tapped out with less than 10 seconds left,” he said to FOX Los Angeles.

“I think he was being choked for only 2 seconds, so that showed me that he got claustrophobic in there, he was uncomfortable, basically his will to fight was over. That tells me a lot about his character and what type of heart he has.

“"He's mentioned that he needs to stick and move and I think it does show about his psychology. I think stick and move is a psychology of the insecure fighter.

“It shows me he may feel inferior somewhere in his heart and if that's in there I will draw it out of him.”