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Alliance coach: "Gustafsson has not left team"


Alexander Gustafsson has not parted ways with Alliance MMA, according to the team’s head coach Eric Del Fierro.

Fighters Only visited the team in San Diego today following reports that light-heavyweight challenger Gustafsson had told Swedish media he would no longer be traveling to the US for his camps. Gustafsson reportedly said the cost of relocating to the West Coast for weeks at a time is a major factor.

“No that’s not true. I spoke to Coach Andreas today. There’s so much media out there right now and so much stuff gets misconstrued or interpreted the wrong way. Alex was here for eleven weeks, he was homesick and ready to go home [after the fight], settle back into his life. He’s been going 100%,” Del Fierro told Fighters Only today.

“People ask if he’s going to be doing camps in Sweden now. He’s already done camps in Sweden - his entire camp for Mousasi was done in Sweden. I had complete input into that camp via his head coach Andreas.

“It was news to me, I got woken up with that this morning - reporters saying ‘Hey, Alex is never coming back to Alliance’. But from what I know that’s not true at all. We’ll see. Depending where the fight is at he might do his whole camp in Sweden. And Coach Andreas is a phenomenal coach. But as far as I know its not true.”

“We don’t know what’s next for Alex. I was talking to Andreas for thirty minutes this morning and as far as he knows its not true either.”