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Rashad: "I want another shot at Jon Jones"


Former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans wants to get himself another title shot against Jon Jones and thinks that a win over Chael Sonnen might be the way to do it.

The two are set to fight at UFC 167 in November. As they have both been working the FOX Sports desk together recently they have developed a bit of a bond, but Evans says it will be strictly business on fight night.

“I hit a bit of a slump losing two fights in a row, so now I am getting back on track with my win against Dan Henderson. I want to get back in the race, I want to get another fight with Jon Jones, he’s at the top right now and I want to work my way back up there and get another chance to fight him,” Evans tells Fighters Only.

“Its a good fight and I am excited about it, although Chael is a guy that I am cool with because of our work together on the FOX show. Its going to be difficult in that respect but this is the fight business and in the fight business sometimes you have to fight people you don’t want to fight, that’s just the way it is.”

Regarding the recent title fight between Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, Evans believes the Swede was the winner.

“I thought Gustafsson won. It was a great fight but I thought he did more than Jones. And he surprised Jones; that’s the worst thing that can happen in a fight, when you didn’t expect a guy to be as tough as he is. Jones experienced that and had a hard time adjusting to it," he says.

Evans’ morale got a boost this weekend when he saw friend and training partner Tyrone Spong earn a big knockout win via a left hook in the main event of GLORY 11 kickboxing.

“That’s the kind of thing he does in training. Though he does go a little lighter than that because he needs training partners, he doesn’t want to smash everyone up,” Evans says.

“When you see Tyrone and the kind of talent he has, you know at any given moment he can turn the switch and do something like that [Corbett KO].”

Spong is the world’s top-ranked light-heavyweight kickboxer and is also 2-0 in MMA via World Series of Fighting. At the weekend he also announced that he intends to pursue professional boxing in the near future to become a three-sport athlete.