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Aleks pulled from CroCop rematch, dropped by LEGEND organization


Aleksander Emelianenko is out of his rematch with Mirko ‘CroCop’ Filipovic.

The fight was due to take place at LEGENDS 2 next month but Emelianenko’s recent alcohol-fuelled escapades have caused the organization to terminate its contract with him and remove him from the fight.

Earlier this week Emelianenko was accused of assaulting a 63-year-old man in a bar while drunk, having accused the man and his party of being too loud. Police questioned him; Emelianenko’s counter-story was that the man’s sons had attacked him when he complained about their volume.

Regardless of who is to blame, the incident highlighted Emelianenko’s ongoing problems with sobriety. Pictures taken by Russian media showed him to look bloated and disheveled, not in good fighting condition.

“We break the contract with Alexander Emelianenko. He is not in a form that is not ready mentally and physically. We can not make a major battle tournament so uncompetitive. His performance may damage the image of the tournament,” says a Legend spokesman.

“Mirko Filipovic remains in the main event. We'll find him an undefeated opponent from Russia. His name will be announced in the next few days.”
Aside from this latest incident, Emelianenko has also recently had a drunken brawl on an airplane, then taught a seminar drunk. The most serious incident was when two young women went to the police accusing him of rape.

They turned out to be hookers however, and the incident was actually a case of Emelianenko not paying the agreed money. Or indeed any money at all, as he didn’t have any with him. He escaped judicial charge but his image is growing increasingly tarnished every week and now he finds himself without a much-needed fight purse next month.