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UFC's new online watchdog decimating fan-made content?


The recent disappearance of UFC GiFs from the internet is thought to be linked to a deal the organization recently struck with an online copyright protector.

Late in September, Zuffa signed a deal with Bent Pixels to “effectively monitor the high volume of new UFC video content being uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis” and “help address copyright infringement issues.”

Bent Pixels says it “helps leading brands protect their creative property and grow their channels on YouTube so they earn the most from their online video content. Our core technology finds, monetizes and protects copyrighted video content anywhere online.”

Clients include Funimation, MNET, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Ooyala, College Humor, Shaq Entertainment, Joe Rogan, Kevin Hart and America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV). The company is headquartered in Las Vegas.

“According to our Statfire forecast, the UFC is approaching its 500 million video view milestone on YouTube.  Our goal is to provide strategic insight to help the UFC identify what video content fans like and want more of on YouTube while also monitoring what branded content is being altered,” says Marty Cordova, Bent Pixels COO.

“We will also assist the UFC with identifying unauthorized video uses on YouTube… Content owners are struggling to understand where their content is being copied and just how much revenue and control is being lost in the dynamic online video arena.  We help them stay ahead of the game."

Recently, MMA forum users noticed that their usual supply of gifs - super-short animated images, usually of highlight-reel moments in fights - had all but dried up. Sources say that the deal with Bent Pixels is probably the reason.