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Sonnen: "It's possible I could get stabbed or shot in Brazil"


Chael Sonnen does not feel secure in Brazil at all, he told Folha de São Paulo in an interview made through telephone, and says he will have his own security everywhere he goes.

The American fighter headlines TUF Brazil 3 as one of the coaches along with rival Wanderlei Silva and he confesses concern about being stabbed by somebody and wouldn’t rule out being shot.

Interviewer: You made attacks to Brazil. Do you believe somebody can take a gun and shot you?

“[Silence] I… I wouldn’t have thought on shots, but I think it is possible. I was more concerned with the possibility of lynching, maybe knife attack. But yeah I think it’s possible.”

“But because I am a gangster, I don’t live with fear. I do whatever I want, wherever I want… I would like to go to the beach.”

‘The American Gangster’ from Oregon revealed he demanded extra security to take part in this show and said great measures have been taken by UFC president Dana White. “He suggested very sophisticated measures, more than I could have suggested.”

Despite having stated unpleasant things about Anderson Silva, Sonnen invited the number one middleweight challenger to form part of his team on the reality show and he says the invitation was not a joke.

“No, I don’t promote fights, I don’t sell fights. Regarding Anderson, he has to be present. No matter if he’s in my team or Wanderlei’s, Anderson has a lot to offer. If we were competing the talk would be totally different, but he is an important figure, especially for the Brazilians,” he says.

When his interviewer suggested that Sonnen had backed down in the infamous video during which Wanderlei Silva confronted him on the slurs he had made against Brazil, Sonnen butted in.

“You have to understand something. First, I didn’t understand a word about what he said [in English]. Neither did you,” he said.

“Wanderlei put subtitles on that video… I didn’t understand what he said until I have watched the video with captions.”