Diaz: "I don't have a manager, UFC should know that"

November 11th 2013

The plot thickens in the UFC’s efforts to coax former welterweight contender Nick Diaz back into the Octagon.

Dana White has said several times that he has reached out to Diaz and that the former Strikeforce champion is not interested in returning to the ring.

On Saturday afternoon Diaz spoke to Fighters Only and said that he would definitely return for “a big fight” - which he made clear was Georges St-Pierre.

The UFC is unlikely to offer him another title shot for his immediate return fight but a win-and-shot scenario is conceivable.

However, on Saturday night, White told media at the post-fight press conference that he had spoken to Diaz’s manager and that a comeback fight had been refused.

“I offered Nick Diaz a fight last week and his manager called me back saying he's retired,” White said.

Now here’s where it gets interesting - Diaz says he doesn’t have a manager.

During the Saturday conversation he let slip, while discussing sponsorships, “I don’t have a manager right now so…”

Today, I got in touch by text message and asked him to confirm that, in light of White’s comments, he is currently without a manager.

“I don’t have a manager. I haven’t had a manager since my last fight. They should know that,” Diaz replied.

Stay tuned.


  • Chris

    Posted at 03:49 on November 13th 2013

    FFS, let him stay retired. He was nowhere even close to GSPs level last time they fought, and GSP fought him with an injured achilles, and still tore him a new one.

    I can't believe he's stupid enough to think he'll fare better next time. Well, actually, yes I can. He's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box...

    On second thought, hook him up with GSP again, so I can watch him get his ass kicked a second time. I get a kick out of watching mouthy douchbags eat their teeth.

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  • ivan

    Posted at 12:11 on November 13th 2013

    Diaz Has Always Been A Mouthy Little Bitch That Looks For Attention Where Ever He Can Get It....They Should Just Let GSP Beat His Ass "Again" And Get It Over With..And Dana White Should Just Leave Him Alone So I Dont Have To Keep Seeing Diaz's Punk Face On My FB Wall.There Are Way To Many New Uprising Fighters Coming Out Of The Wood Work We Dont Need Bitches Like Diaz Anymore.

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