Anderson forced to decline invitation to join Team Sonnen


Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva was invited to join Team Sonnen for The Ultimate Fighter Brazil III in all apparent seriousness.

Sadly, he has been forced to decline. 

“I think it's nice he thought of me, but unfortunately I won't be in Brazil,” says Silva, currently training in Los Angeles for his rematch with Chris Weidman in December.

“I think this is going to be a nice TUF since Wanderlei and Chael are great athletes. Sonnen hyped the two fights with me in inappropriate fashion but he is a great athlete, a great man and I hope they make a great fight as well.”

But if Anderson had been in Brazil and was available to take part?

“If I had the time, was in Brazil and Wanderlei hadn’t offered me a spot, I would accept it for sure. I think it's valid for the sport,” he says.