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GSP rumors "all false"

GSP rumors
November 20th 2013

All the rumors that came out about Georges St Pierre yesterday are nonsense.

That is according to various sources close to the situation, including former manager Shari Spencer.

She was alleged to be suing St Pierre for $4m dollars, an allegation which came from St Pierre’s former-former manager Stephane Patry.

“Georges St Pierre might have 99 problems but I ain’t one,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

St Pierre’s sister also shot down claims that their father was gravely ill and on the point of doing, going so far as to publicly appeal for talk to stop because “it is distressing”.

Talk of a knee injury to Johny Hendricks has also been put to rest. He says he will be back in training by the end of the week.

The only rumor that hasn’t been directly shot down is the one about St Pierre having a lover pregnant with a child he doesn’t want.

People in St Pierre’s circle have said that isn’t true, but that isn’t a direct denial like the other two rumors which were dispelled.


  • Charles

    Posted at 14:52 on November 20th 2013

    People need to leave him alone he and Hendricks are on medical suspension and can't fight till after February. so don't push him to fight so soon and also his life might be in a serious scenario so don't spread rumors.

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