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Video: Spinning heel kick to armbar finish

Video: Spinning heel kick to armbar finish
November 26th 2013

If proof were needed that the Irish MMA scene is becoming a special place, look no further than this video of Carl McNally finishing his opponent at the recent Clan Wars 17 event.

He throws a spinning back kick to the head, drops his opponent and transforms his own loss of balance into an armbar on the way down. Incredible.

The video comes courtesy of Irish site Severe MMA and features a post-fight interview with the aforementioned McNally. The clip of the finish comes about halfway in.


  • cathy mullan

    Posted at 08:58 on November 27th 2013

    Well wat cn i say? Im very proud of u carl mc nally...u hve made the mcnally family so so proud of u...i am proud to say ur my nephew even tho ur mum n i r cuzins.....go to Las Vegas n kick ass n mke Ireland proud...lve u son..ur auntie Cathy mullan xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Mark Gourley

    Posted at 18:38 on November 27th 2013

    It was an incredible event, some unreal battles and great finishes..... Carl is a wee demon and when he is on form he can be a lose cannon with some great tricks up his sleeve! Roll on his next fight to compete for a chance to fight for Ireland in Las Vegas! Brilliant talent.....ZKJ Baaaaaaby!!!

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  • kSIvLk

    Posted at 23:00 on March 30th 2014

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