Gracie Breakdown: "Surviving the Knockout Game"

Gracie Breakdown:
November 27th 2013

The US mainstream is currently in the grip of panic about a supposed new youth trend called ’Knockout’, which sees adolescents randomly KO’ing people in the street.

A few recent incidents have made ’Knockout’ front-page news in the US and it has caused consternation in the MMA sphere as well.

Several fighters have spoken out about it, among them Kenny Florian. “In these cases the kids aren't trying to rob the individuals of anything. Their only goal is to see if they can land a knockout blow on an unsuspecting victim,” he wrote in a blog for FOX Sports.

“The stupidity of this is mind boggling. Is this the world we are living in now?”

Now the online instructor Rener Gracie has released a video on “Surviving the Knockout Game”.


  • Charles Marshall

    Posted at 19:19 on November 27th 2013

    Your a dam coward if you play the knock out game. and if one u guys play it with me you better either knock me down real hard or start running like a track star cause when i get up i'm whipping someones ass

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