Dana: "No, I didn't apologize to GSP"

December 2nd 2013

Dana White wants an end to rumors that he apologized to Georges St Pierre following his UFC 167 post-fight press conference outbursts.

St Pierre’s friend and team mate Kristof Midoux told a Montral newspaper some days ago that White had re-watched the fight and called St Pierre to apologize for his comments, with St Pierre telling White “Don’t worry about it.”

At the weekend’s TUF Finale event he spoke to MMA Junkie's John Morgan and made clear he hasn’t apologized to anyone.

“I had heard that, but no, that’s not true. I have not watched the fight yet. I still haven’t watched the fight. This (Midoux) guy’s like one of the new Kardashian sisters. This guy pops up out of nowhere, and now he’s everywhere,” White said.

“Realistically, I’m not forcing Georges to do anything, but Georges has to defend his title. He was off for over a year already with ACL surgery. So if people have problems with it, I could [not] give a s–- if they like it or don’t. I don’t care what peoples’ opinions of that are.”

Midoux has been a part of St Pierre’s team since St Pierre was 16 years old and an aspiring MMA fighter. He has served as a trainer, corner man and mentor for much of St Pierre’s career, although there was a hiatus in the middle.

Midoux made his return to St Pierre’s corner at UFC 154, the fight against Carlos Condit. If White claims never to have noticed Midoux before, he will certainly know who he is now. Among other comments, Midoux branded White “a buffoon without respect” in the Montreal press.


  • RyanVincentCampbell

    Posted at 15:55 on December 2nd 2013

    Dana White is the biggest asshole in the history of MMA! I can't stand him anymore, Lorenzo fire that idiot PLEASE! What Georges St-Pierre should do is demand a public apology from Dana, and if Dana refuses then GSP leaves! For the record I thought that GSP won at 167, 3 rounds to 2. add me.

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  • frank silva

    Posted at 06:44 on December 3rd 2013

    cryanvincent you are in the minority that thinks gsp won.demand public apology,what a laugh you twit zit.dana is right on all accounts,gsp wants time off after a year off.gsp forgets how he got on knees and ask ufc for a title shot chance.

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  • Mike

    Posted at 13:50 on December 3rd 2013

    Frank, I don't agree with anything you just said. I thought GSP won it 3 rounds to 2 also, and I am not a GSP fan. Dana's role should be completely unbiased and unopinionated. If he believed Hendrix won, he should've said so in private to GSP or Hendrix, not publicly in what was a "a toy out of the pram" moment.

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  • Jin

    Posted at 12:50 on December 4th 2013

    Yeah GSP won 1 3 and 5, we'll never know whos telling the truth Dana or Kristof, but maby Dana will watch the fight soon and see who won

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