` Rousey: "I coached, Miesha did her hair" - Fighters Only Magazine

Rousey: "I coached, Miesha did her hair"


The past few months have been arguably the most interesting of Ronda Rousey's whirlwind MMA career.

Having taken on roles in not one but two major Hollywood movies - ‘The Expendables III’ and ‘Fast & Furious 7’, as well acting as coach on the 18th season of the UFC's reality series The Ultimate Fighter, it's a wonder Rousey has had time to do anything else of late.

However, the reigning UFC women's champ still managed to clear some time in her hectic schedule to sit down and speak to the world’s leading MMA magazine Fighters Only about all the crazy things she's been up to recently.

Rousey on Tate and TUF 18:

“Regardless of what everyone thinks of me and how I come off – everyone might think that I'm a crazy, psycho, competitive bitch – I promise you, you can go up and ask anyone who was on my team how I was as a coach, and they will 100% say I did the best I possibly could under the circumstances.

“All I thought about was them. I obsessed over them, and whereas Miesha was spending a lot more time worried that her hair looked good for every shot, I was freaking out making sure that everyone was okay.”

Rousey on The Expendables 3 and Sylvester Stallone:

“It's a little nerve-racking, but Stallone is really, really cool. He keeps me relaxed all the time. I'm around all these Hollywood action stars, and I think the key is just staying relaxed and not being intimidated...

“I have an acting coach, and she coaches me. Sly has also been helping me a lot. He gives me litle exercises and stuff to do. I do a lot of reading out loud now. Like on the drive on the way over here, I was reading aloud and trying to put lots of emphasis on everything while I'm talking.

But also slow down when I talk because I have a tendency to talk really fast, especially when I'm doing interviews all the time.”

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