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KSW posting viewer numbers to rival UFC on FOX


Polish promotion KSW is posting the kind of television viewer numbers that rival UFC on FOX  viewing figures.

Last weekend KSW 25 aired on national broadcaster Polsat and scored an average of 2.226 million viewers.

During the main event, a rematch between Mamed Khalidov and Ryuta Sakurai, the viewer numbers peaked at 4 million.

The show also aired via Polsat Sport, where viewership averaged out at 714,000. Between the two platforms therefore, viewers averaged out at 2.98 million. The recent UFC on FOX 8 event averaged 2.08 million.

While Polsat was airing KSW 25 it had a 19.91 % share of the entire nation’s 16-49 year old demographic who were watching television at that time, while Polsat Sport added another 7.85% in that group.

The numbers have been released by Polsat, the biggest television network in Poland, which has a population of 38 million as against the 313 million of the USA.

Later this year the UFC will make its first visit to Poland, stopping off in the former industrial capital of Lodz (pronounced ‘Wu-jj’).

Not long ago, UFC president Dana White admitted that he didn’t even know Poland had an MMA scene. But when the UFC subsequently went after Mamed Khalidov, the offer was rejected because KSW could afford to pay him much more than what the UFC was initially offering.

That was the first time that the mainstream MMA media really took a look at KSW and it soon became clear that in its homeland, it is a pretty big deal. It will be interesting to see how well the UFC is received, given the completely different production styles between the two.