Dana White touched down in Germany today ahead of tomorrow night's UFC Fight Night Berlin card and revealed what really happened following this week's UFC 175 press conference in Las Vegas.

Speaking exclusively to Fighters Only, the UFC president confirmed Wanderlei Silva's roadrunner act – first revealed on Fox Sports by rival TUF coach Chael Sonnen yesterday – after being confronted by NSAC drug testers.

And he also confirmed replacement Sonnen opponent Vitor Belfort would be ideally placed to fight for the 185lb belt next should he emerge victorious from the July 5th showdown.

Reviewing this week's bizarre antics in Nevada, Dana explained: “We did the press conference for UFC 175 and it was very successful and probably the best press conference I’ve ever been apart of. It was very entertaining, it was awesome.

"So when it was done the Nevada State Athletic Commission went after a couple of guys and drug tested them. They showed up at Wanderlei’s gym and he ran out the back door and jumped into his car and took off.

"Then he went all Malaysian Airlines on us and we didn’t hear from him again. And if you don’t show up when they come to do a drug test and do that drug test, then they’re going to revoke your license.

"So now we offered the fight to Vitor. Chael accepted the fight, Vitor accepted the fight, and now it’s up to the Nevada Athletic Commission to license Vitor. Vitor is gong to have to jump through hoops and do a bunch of things they want him to do, but I’m very confident it’s going to happen.”

Belfort failed a drug tested for elevated testosterone back in 2006 in Las Vegas and has fought just once in Nevada since. And having only just come off the now banned testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) you can rest assured the NSAC will take relicencing the former champion very seriously.

However, Dana is confident it will get done and the fight will happen. He added: “Vitor will be called forward by the athletic commission in Nevada sometime over the next month and hopefully we’ll get this done. I'm confident it will happen.” 

So, is the fight a final UFC title eliminator to face the winner of that night's main event between Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida? Dana remained uncommitted. "Obviously it's a big deal for Vitor. It's a must win for him," White added. "And if Chael can pull off a win over Vitor then it will be huge for him too. I'm not saying he'll get a title shot, but it will be big for him...The fight has been made at middleweight though, so, we'll see what happens."