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Faber looking for 'Kid' Yamamoto fight next


Former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber may have no interest in fighting teammate and current UFC bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw, but 'The California Kid' wouldn't mind facing a fellow legend in 'Kid' Yamamoto next.

Faber, who defeated Alex Caceres in an entertaining back-and-forth scrap in the Fox Sports 1 prelims main event for UFC 175, was asked by FO if he'd be interested in facing another lighter-weight legend in 'Kid' Yamamoto back in our UK109 (US61) issue and at the time he wasn't to interested in the idea of facing the JMMA pioneer.

"That fight would've really been awesome, sadly it kind of went by the wayside," Faber told FO. "People don't realise how great 'Kid' Yamamoto was back in the day. I would've been a huge underdog to him. He's an accomplished fighter and that would've been an awesome fight, but at this point that ship has pretty much sailed."

However, with many asking questions on whether or not Faber would be willing to fight Dillashaw for the title, Faber shut them and down and instead brought up a potential fight against Yamamoto next instead.

"I'm ranked number two. I fight because I love it. I don't do it for the money. If someone had a billion dollars and wanted to make it work for the both of us, I'd talk to him. But I don't want to fight him. There are all sorts of tough guys I'd like to fight. 'Kid Yamamoto, I've been asking for that for a long time."

A fight between the two pioneers was seen as nothing but a mere fantasy for MMA fans, as both men spent their prime in other promotions, with Faber becoming the posterboy for the WEC in the US while Yamamoto was doing the same for K-1 Hero's in Japan. However, the two may finally get the chance to fight as the UFC returns to Japan in September with Yamamoto on the card without a scheduled opponent.