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UFC 75 Play By Play - Under Card


Champion vs Champion

5 minutes til the first fight and the stadium is 60% full.

The lights dip and the Octagon music kicks in. The crowd goes wild.

With the first bout about to start Stadium is 80% full.


Welterweight Bout

Jess Liaudin vs Anthony Torres

Torres is greeted with a mix of booing and polite applause, London based Liaudin has the hometown backing and the response to his entrance reflects this.

After a bried feeling out period Torres ties up Liaudin against the fence. They seperate, Laiudin lands a kick and some tight punches before another tie up that goes nowhere. Liaudin is countering well with punches and drops Torres with a big right hand. Torres recovers and the two work to a clinch. Liaudin getting the better of the clinch with good knees. Torres bleeding from the nose. Liaudin lands a huge right which virtually has Torres out on his feet. He storms in and lands about eight blows before Ref Mario Yamasaki steps in.

Liaudin by TKO 4:10 Rd1

Liaudin was sharp with the counter strike combinations and very comfortable in the clinch. When the big punch connected the stoppage was inevitable. Torres for his part was game and pushed the fight but eventually came up short.


Lightweight Bout

Naoyuki Kotani vs Dennis Siver

Kotani counters a jab with a heavy cross hook combo.  Exchange legs before Kotani rushes Siver and jumps to guard before trapping Siver in a tight looking triangle. Siver works free to half mount and works ground and pound. Boos from the crowd for inactivity is responded to with heavy elbows from Siver to the face of Kotani cutting him open. Siver stands up and Kotani is bleeding profusely. End of round 1.

Kotani starts the round rushing Siver who lands a punch combination before almost hip tossing the Japanese fighter. Siver lands a heavy hook but Kotani keeps pushing forward despite the continued punishment. Out of nowhere Siver lands a left hook that spins Kotani, dropping him to the canvas. He follows up with a heavy right to end the fight.

Siver wins by KO 2:04 Rd 2

Siver was able to make his strikes count and scores an impressive victory in his second octagon appearance. Kotani whilst being technical was unable to handle the Russian's power.


Light Heavyweight Bout

Tomasz Drwal vs Thiago Silva

Silva shoots from the off and tries to get Drwal to the ground. The two scramble to a clinch against the fence. Drwal looking tired within the first two minutes. Silva lands a kick to Drwal’s crotch and the referee stops for his recovery. Silva shoots again but comes up short. Drwal chasing Silva around the cage, throwing 1-2 combinations. Silva lands a good knee to Drwals abdomen. Round 1 ends with both looking tired.

Both exchange lacklustre strikes until Silva lands a right cross flush on Drwal. He follows up with knees but the Drwal weathers the storm. Drwal lands some heavy body shots but he’s breathing hard. The crowd boos the fighters inactivity as both seem to be gassed before Silva lands a heavy right which rocks the Polish fighter. He follows up with knees and more punches before a left hook puts Drwal down for the end of the fight.

Silva wins by TKO 4:23 Rd 2

Both fighters struggled with their lack of cardio - maybe it was first time nerves for Drwal but he seemed to gas very early.


Lightweight Bout 

Gleison Tibau vs Terry Etim

Etim get the best response of the night so far being the first English fighters to appear so far.

Both circle each other tentatively before Tibau shoots for the takedown. After some resistance he lands in Etim’s guard. Etim attempts to work to his feet but gets taken down again. Etim working rubber guard as Tibau passes to half mount. Etim regains guard before Tibau passes to side mount. With the cage restricting their movement the crowd boos inactivity. Etim regains half guard before the Ref stands them up. Etim lands a good knee to the body of Tibau before the Brazilian takes him down at the bell. End of round 1.

Etim lands twice with an inside lead leg kick but again gets taken down by Tibau. Tibau takes Etim’s back and lands strikes, Etim escapes into Tibau’s mount. Etim recovers half guard as the crowd begin to chant his name. Tibau takes mount and goes for the arm bar, which Etim escapes and scrambles to his feet. Etim cannot stop the inevitable take down that follows. Tibau landing body shots from within Etim’s guard before the ref stands them up again. Etim lands some heavy strikes and repels another takedown attempt before Tibau takes him down at the bell. End of round 2

Etim comes out the fresher of the two and begins to impose his striking game. Tibau takes some punishment before completing another takedown. Etim with the active guard, Tibau passes to side mount and then mount. Tibau begins to tee off on Etim but the Englishman ties him up. Round 3 ends.


Tibau wins by Unanimous Dec Rd 3


Etim’s inability to prevent the takedown cost him dearly although he was always in it.