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MMA News: Haye looking at MMA once boxing world is conquered


British boxing champion David Haye has revealed an ambition to compete in mixed martial arts.

Fresh from a cruiserweight win over Enzo Maccarinelli, Haye is now concentrating on moving up to heavyweight and collecting some titles in that division.

But in a recent interview with Iron Life, he said that when he has achieved what he wants to achieve at heavyweight, he would like to fight in MMA.

"I'm a big fan of mixed martial arts...I actually believe that I'd like to get involved in it once my boxing career is over," he said.

I'd like to challenge whoever's regarded as the number one mixed martial arts fighter... It's just another challenge.

I like to set myself goals and tasks and definitely fighting for the UFC heavyweight championship would be a real big thing for me and I'd do whatever was required to get that win."

Haye revealed that he actually comes from a martial arts background - his father was a karate instructor and he has trained in judo.

He also trains in jiu-jitsu occasionally and says that his ground game "might surprise a few people".

The prospect of a top boxer entering the mixed martial arts arena has long been a topic of discussion for fans of both sports.

Floyd Mayweather Junior has thus far been the most high-profile boxer to comment on the issue, dismissing MMA as a glorified street fight at one point but then later retracting his comments in the face of an invitation from the UFC to challenge their lightweight champion.

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John O'Regan