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MMA News: LaRosa to become highest-earning female fighter

Tara LaRosa is set to become one of the highest paid professional mixed martial artists in the world.

She has signed a deal with the American Fight League that will see her pocket between $500,000 and $750,000 over the next 18 months, according to her representatives NCFC Fight Management.

Exact details of the deal have not been disclosed but those figures would make her not just the highest earning female mixed martial artist in the world, but one of the best paid MMA fighters full stop.

Some top UFC fighters earn a mere percentage of the amounts LaRosa is looking at - consider the $10,000 Keith Jardine was paid for his recent UFC light-heavyweight bout with Wanderlai Silva.

LaRosa, described by her management as ‘the female Fedor’, is well aware that the value of the deal is remarkable.

“There aren’t many male MMA fighters with deals of this calibre,” said LaRosa.  “But I’ve worked hard and am ready to show the world that women’s MMA is legit.”

NCFC vice president Matt Stansell said he “could not be happier for Tara or the deal we struck on her behalf”.