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WEC News: Heavier weights to be disbanded?

The heavier weight classes of the WEC may be disbanded, according to a recent report.

Dana White is "thinking of leaving a welterweight division in the WEC and moving the WEC's 185-pound and 205-pound fighters to the UFC", according to Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports.

Traditionally, the WEC has been home to the top talent from the lighter weight divisions that the UFC does not feature, such as featherweight and bantamweight.

But it has weight classes up to heavyweight, with the heavier divisions generally featuring fighters that are either not UFC standard or not being used by the UFC for other reasons.

Paulo Filho, the current WEC middleweight champion, is the one of the biggest names in the organization and the most likely to make an impact if he moves to the UFC.

But as he is a teammate and friend of Anderson Silva and as both have said they are not interested in fighting each other, such a move may provide a problem further down the line.

John O'Regan