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Paul Kelly on life at Wolfslair, sparring with Rampage and nicknames


Paul Kelly recently told Fighters Only he wants Junie Browning as his next opponent in the UFC lightweight division (“He would stand there and fight me, it would be an exciting fight. And he was talking shit about me a bit ago.”)

He also revealed that he has confronted Browning via Facebook, chastising him for disrespectful remarks he was told the TUF8 delinquent had made about him.

While talking to us about Browning, lightweight terror Kelly also gave us an insight into a few of the behind-the-scenes goings on at the Wolfslair…

On sparring with Rampage:

“I’ve sparred Quinton Jackson a few times. I’m a bit awkward for the heavier weights to spar because I’m fast and I get stuck right in there. I’m in the pocket right in there where I can smell their breath. It takes away a lot of their power - if you’re at the end of someone’s punch eating it up, you’re going to go asleep.”

On nearly making onto series 3 of The Ultimate Fighter (alongside Bisping)

“I went for the TUF auditions that Mike got in. Something was wrong on my form so they gave it me to correct and there was a bit on there where they rate you, I wasn’t supposed to see it but I did. It said striking good, something else good, wrestling... excellent! I had never wrestled a day in my life!”

On his fighting style:

I never want to be a boring fighter, win or lose I want to put on an exciting fight. I mean Wanderlai Silva is never gonna be out of a job is he? That’s the kind of fighter I try and be.

On recently becoming a father:

“I’ve got a daughter there, she’s only a year old, Phoebe her name is. She’s a little pudding though, like her dad, fat face on her (laughs)”
On his Scouse ethnicity:

“Liverpool’s a poor city compared to most and people crack on how they can. They are all nice people though, if you ever meet a Scouser they always want to talk to you, they are funny and they’re easy to get on with.”

On Wolfslair boss Anthony McGann:

“He has terrorised me my whole fighting career with shit nicknames and cake shop rumours. He calls me ‘Tellys’ because he says I walk around like I am carrying a couple of televisions under each arm, like a ‘tough guy’ walk!”

“He tapped me out once, because he can wrestle a bit, and I can’t get him back. Sometimes I’ll see new guys tap him but it’s like I’ve got this mental block where I can’t do it!”