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Francoise Boufhal

September 7th 2010

NAME : Francoise Boufhal
AGE : 20
LOCATION : Newcastle

Hi Francoise, you are quickly becoming hot property worldwide but we want to know how it feels to be a Fighters Only 'babe'!?

Love it! I'm a huge fan of fighting. I've followed fighting and combat sports since I was really little. My amazing grandad was a massive boxing fan and watched every bout with my mam when she was little too!

So how familiar are you with the sport of MMA and the lifestyle that surrounds it?

I've done martial arts since I was 9 years old. I actually have my black belt in karate! I believe in every woman doing some form of self-defence class. By the time I was 12, I could take a man down twice my height! It's not about the strength, its about the technique. Every woman should have a few skills under their belt. I know MMA is huge and I think celebrities like Demi Moore attending UFC's and being seen will get more women aware of the sport.

Tell us about your plans for the future?

Who knows what the future will bring? This is what I love about my job as you never know what's around the corner. I plan to work extremely hard at being the UK's biggest 100% natural pin-up, with a personality and ability to talk in front of the camera! A life in TV is my goal.

Where can our fans see more of you Francoise?

The easiest way of keeping yourself up to date with what I'm up to is via my website www.francosieboufhal.com I keep an online blog about my life and have had great feedback from it so far. It is a good insight to see how down to earth I am, and to get a better idea of me as a person, not just as sex symbol! Also, keep an eye out for me in the national newspapers as well! Of course, you can find me on Facebook along with my twitter page, www.twitter.com/francosiebouf.

BLOG : www.francoiseboufhal.com
PICS : immpictures.com
MANAGEMENT : immmodels.com