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Live: UFC London main card results and play-by-play

Event News

Fighters Only is live at the O2 Arena in London, England to day for round-by-round updates of UFC Fight Night 107.

Light Heavyweight: Jimi Manuwa vs. Corey Anderson

Manuwa lands early. In the next exchange, he catches Anderson with a left hook and puts him away!

Jimi Manuwa wins via KO in round one



Welterweight: Gunnar Nelson vs. Alan Jouban

Gunnar Nelson wins via guillotine choke at 0:46 of round 2


And this is how Brad Pickett's career ends.



Catchweight (140lb): Brad Pickett vs. Marlon Vera

Round 1

Pickett's first punch just grazes Vear, and he comes up short with his nect combo too. His next attack ends in a double leg attempt and he gets Vera to the ground. Vera slides out and to his feet, but Picket  lands a jab. Inside leg kick by Vera. Another gets countered with two punches from Pickett . Vera finds a home for a front kick ad punches, but Pickett replies with a right hook. Pickett drops Vera for a second with another right and largely gets the better of the rest of the round. 

OH @One_Punch rocks Vera here in round 1!! 

Round 2

Vera's left knee lands again as Pickett comes forward. And again. Inside leg kicks have also hit home twice. Pickett shoots and pushes Vera to the fence. Eventually he gets Vera down and goes into his half guard. Vera recovers full guard. Elbows from Pickett, but he can't get the space to throw with power. Pickett finally gets some distange and attacks wildly. Vera gets up and the Brit throws a looping right that misses by a mile. Leg kick by Pickett. Inside leg kick by Vera, replied with a left hook by Pickett, whi then misses with another right hook. Pickett lands, but Vera gets a couple of kicks in before the end of the round.

Round 3

Vera skids across the canvas after a straight right from Pickett. Body kick frim Vera. Leg kicks by Pickett. Jab lands hard from Vera. Vera backs Pickett up with jas and a lazy kick. He stuns Pickett with a one-two and knee. Pickett meets Vera's jab with a right uppercutt. Good body kick by Vera. Pickett gets a right straight and left hook, but the volume is coming from Vera. He's picking Pickett apart. Vera drops Pickett with a left head kick and finishes him with hammerfists on the ground. Pickett protests the stoppage but he was not defending himself.

The official time of the stoppage is 3:50 of the third round for the winner by TKO, Marlon Vera.


Some of the action from a good round three from Arnold Allen


BIG left lands for @ArnoldBFA!! 


Featherweight: Arnold Allen vs. Makwan Amirkhani  

Round 1

Amirkhani flies out with a knee that misses. He pumps a jab and gets Allen down. The Birt rises but is pinned to the cage, the Amirkhani hits a powerful lateral drop, then rolls for the choke. Allen pops out but gets put back in danger quickly. Amirkhani maintains top position but when they break Allen lands a knee then gets a takedown if his own. Allen in half guard with punches to the body. Elbows too, the last of which is powerful, but Amirkhani escapes straight after. Now it's Amirkhani's turn for the takedown, but Allen escapaes. Allen with knees againt the fence. THe referee separates them. Amirkhani lands a clean punch, but Allen gets one back, then backs Amirkhani up with a flurry of strikes.  

Round 2

Amirkhani with the takedown to start the round and he fishes for the choke again, but Allen scrambles to safety and ends up on top in half guard. The Brit continues to work with punchees and elbows and attempots to pass to mount, conitinuing his offence. Big shots from mount, but Amirkhani gets some space and half guard again. Allen's elbow is ifinding a home on Amirkhani's chin. Back onthe feet, the pain exchange push kicks then Allen easily stuffs a rangy takedown attempt. Amirkhani hangs on and eventually gets the figh to the floor, but can't mount much offence from half guard. Allen gets back to guard and continues to stifle Amirkhani's attack. Allen's attempts at an armbar are snuffed out.

About what we expected from these two featherweights! @ArnoldBFA & @MakwanAmirkhani putting on a show! 

Round 3

Slower start to this round as most shots go out to test range. Amirkhani's shot is stuffed again, before Allen grazes him with a spinning elbow and finds a home for his straight left. Amirkhani puts Allen on all fours by the fence. Allen escapes with an attempted hip toss. Amirkhani with the takedown attempt again and the pair scramble. Amirkhani in half guard again but can't mout any meaningful offence and the fighters are stood up again. Amirkhani's shot is telegraphed and Allen works him back to the cage. Knees from Allen, then a trip to take his opponent down. Allen attempts a choke and gets one arm under Amirkhani 's chin, but double wrist control prevents the finish before the end of the fight.


 The judges score the fight 29-28 Amirkhani, 30-27 Allen and 30-27 Allen.