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DC vs Stipe for the trilogy; Adesanya vs Stipe!; Cyborg vs Budd, how to stop eye pokes and disputes with coaches as discussed by four top professionals. Tap a pro to view their credentials.

Jason Knight


Former UFC and Titan FC featherweight (20-6)

Shane Kruchten


Bellator featherweight (12-5), aka The War Rhino

Noad Lahat


Israeli featherweight (13-4), formerly at UFC and Bellator

Dominic Mazzotta


Bellator bantamweight (14-3), aka The Honey Badger

Former Jackson Wink trainer, Frank Lester aired some dirty laundry in his complicated relationship with Jon Jones. Have you ever had fighter-coach issues that had to be dealt with?2019-11-29T12:30:02+00:00

Jason: Not really. I’ve always kept a massive respect for my coaches. They work hard to help me improve so I owe them the respect!

Shane: Frank is a great man, an amazing family man. For anybody to do him dirty is wrong and they should be ashamed. Luckily, for me, the people I have always surrounded myself with sometimes disagree but we will always have one another’s back no matter what.

Noad: A mandatory one point deduction. There’s no way around it.

Dominic: It’s tough. My thought would be to somehow develop a safer glove.

Recently signed Bellator fighter, Cris Cyborg will be getting an immediate title shot against Julia Budd. How do you see this fight playing out?2019-11-29T12:18:40+00:00

Jason: I think Cyborg should get the win, even though she hasn’t earned a title shot in that organization

Shane: I see Julia protecting her house. I see Cris coming in with a clear head and no stress on her chest like she had during her stint in the UFC. A clearminded Cris is dangerous and won’t be a walk through by any means. I see Cris ending this fight in the 3rd.

Noad: Of course she’ll get an immediate title shot. There’s no one else, really. They’re both very powerful. Cyborg has more experience but I think Julia is more athletic and hungry, so I’ll go with Julia.

Dominic: I think Cris Cyborg takes the title. I think she wins the fight by KO at some point.

New UFC middleweight champ Israel Adesanya has said he would be willing to jump up two weight classes to fi ght Stipe. Do you have any interest in this scrap?2019-11-29T12:08:16+00:00

Jason: No. I think that would just be ridiculous. He’s too small for all that. He’s a great fighter but I hope it doesn’t go to his head!

Shane: I would love to see the speed difference. In my honest opinion, I think Israel gets his hand raised due to his footwork and speed but Stipe is a true heavyweight and a force; it only takes one punch and he has proven that.

Noad: No! Stay in your division. He’s good but it will be a massacre.

Dominic: I don’t like Adesanya moving up to heavyweight. I would rather see him fight Jon Jones. That’s a more interesting fight to me.

There is a real possibility that Daniel Cormier will face UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic to complete their trilogy. Is it a good idea for DC to step back in there?2019-11-29T11:58:56+00:00

Jason: For sure. DC won the first fight and was winning the second until he got caught, in my opinion.

Shane: DC has absolutely nothing to prove. He is a GOAT and has earned legendary status repeatedly. From Olympian, Strikeforce Champ, UFC Champ- to amazing commentator. I think DC can do whatever he wants and I will be a fan either way!

Noad: I think it’s a great idea. They’re 1-1 and I know the burn when you lose and want revenge. It’s a different mentality and I’m sure we’ll see the best DC we’ve seen so far.

Dominic: Yes. I think it’s a good thing. I think we should finish this trilogy that is already started.

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