Are natural anabolics safe?

If it’s natural it can’t make you test positive, right? Maybe not. Natural anabolic agents may represent a new frontier in muscle building supplements, but they do things a little different.

Longevity Secrets of the UFC’s First Master: GSP

Georges St–Pierre is a one-off. A rare human, dripping with achievements that ensure he’s never been considered for mass production. Fighters Only caught up with him to learn his secrets and thoughts on the fight game.

Islam Makhachev: The New Problem

UFC 259 was a stacked card that featured multiple world champions across 3 weight classes. The championship bouts dominated both pre & post fight media. Yet, there was a sleeper fight on the card which [...]

The Return of Dominick Cruz

Who is the greatest bantamweight of all time?   There is a short-list of bantamweight GOATs in such a young division that was a forked up by the UFC in 2010 & rebranded from the [...]

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