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October 14th 2009

Shawn Tompkins on leaving Xtreme Couture

FO: Hey Shawn, thanks for talking to us. We hear there are some big changes in your world recently.Its been a pretty exciting week. A lot of people know this but if you haven’t already heard, I resigned this week from the Xtreme Couture gym as the head trainer. On good terms, there is no war or battle. The gym and the direction its going and the direction I am...
October 8th 2009

Jorge Santiago on life in the USA and getting back to the UFC

American Top Team fighter Jorge Santiago has been preparing for his upcoming fight on November 7th, however, none opponent is announced untill today. Santiago denied a rumour about a fight versus veteran Kevin Randleman saying that was a lie and also says he won’t face King Mo Lawal at all.“We’re friends and there’s no chance of this bout take...
October 3rd 2009

Punch Town's Ashley

SOMETHING NEW COMING TO TOWN.... So you may have noticed an extremely cool advert in issue 55 of our UK magazine? I'm talking about the one that looks like it could be on a billboard promoting a movie! This ad has come courtesy of Punch Town. A new breed of website that has been designed to bring MMA, martial arts and all combat sports together in a new and...
September 23rd 2009

One to Watch: Alex Enlund

Name: Alex EnlundTeam: NX Gen Vale TudoLocation: South Shields, EnglandPro Record: 3-0Semi Pro: 0-1-1Amateur: 3-0How and why did you get started in MMA?I started MMA after a doorman at a bar I used to work at talked me into coming to his classes. He must have asked me a million times and eventually gave in and went. So your still undefeated in your first 3 Pro...
September 18th 2009

Vitor Belfort on facing Franklin at UFC 103

Vitor Belfort talks on the UFC 103 teleconference about facing Rich Franklin at UFC 103: Do you plan on going to 205 or fighting out 185 more consistently?Vitor Belfort: One eighty-five. That’s my basic. Right now, I’m all ready weighing at 195. So I’m fighting in 185. That’s my weight vision.This is your first fight in quite some time in the...
September 18th 2009

Mirko CroCop talks about fighting at UFC 103

You’re fighting Junior dos Santos tomorrow. What are your thoughts on him and have you followed his UFC career at all?Mirko Cro Cop: Well, dos Santos is definitely one of the young lions in the UFC and he’s a good fighter. And he had two fights in UFC and he won both of them with KO in the first round. And it will be a tough fight. It will be a tough...
September 2nd 2009

Exclusive: Mike Bisping talks Kang and Hendo

Michael Bisping just got back off his summer holidays days after it was announced by Dana White that he would be facing Denis Kang at UFC 105. Fighters Only managed to get him on the phone last night for a chat about his last fight and his next one…FO: Hey Mike, thanks for talking to us. I gather you’re only just back off holiday?Yeah, I was in Malaysia...
September 1st 2009

New UFC welterweight Nick Osipczak

Ahead of the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, iFight365.com managed to catch up with one of the stars from the last season and talk to him about his recent signing with the UFC, his fight with Frank Lester and his Xbox battle with Michael Bisping. The full interview this extract is taken from is available by clicking here iFight365.com: First of all Nick, thanks...
August 12th 2009

Dr Chris Lam, UFC UK cageside doctor

I recently caught up with Dr Chris Lam, the Chief medical Doctor for the UFC in the UK and Europe. This is what he had to say about fighters safety, MMA in general and boxing.FO: Hi Dr Lam, thank for taking this time for Fighters Only. Firstly how did you get involved in combat sports and the UFC?I started TKD way back when I was about 13, from there it went to...

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