TJ Jones: More curious, but definitely excited! We’ve seen Roy Jones fight somewhat recently but not Tyson. The videos of Tyson hitting the pads show a killer Tyson that he wasn’t at the end of his career. Curious to see if that will translate to the ring.

Shane Kruchten: I am. I think Mike Tyson is in far better shape and hungrier. I wish it was more than just an exhibition.

Neil Magny: No. Both men have done all they needed to do for the sport of boxing. At this point in their lives they should be retired on a beach. But I can understand the competitiveness in them to drive them to want to fight once more. So, I’m definitely tuning in to support them.

Devin Powell: I generally think that once fighters get out of a combat sport it’s for the best. But in this case, I think they are both in good health and both are coming back simply to make an absolute stunning amount of money. I’m very excited to see it. I hope it’s a great fight and that neither gets hurt.