Alexander Volkanovski’s featherweight title clash with Brian Ortega at UFC 266 went down in history as an instant classic and one of the greatest title fights ever seen inside the UFC octagon.

Volkanovski ran out the victor via unanimous decision after a breathless five rounds that saw the momentum swing back and forth as the Australian showed the grit and determination of a champion to survive a series of submission attempts from grappling ace Ortega before finally claiming the victory.

After a strong first two rounds, Volkanovski looked in control, but when Ortaga caught a kick, then transitioned into a tight guillotine choke, things looked bleak for the defending champion.

But, despite being in a seemingly impossible position, Volkanovski kept his cool and found a way to escape as the crowd roared its approval.

It proved to only be a brief respite for Volkanovski, however, as he quickly found himself in danger once again as Ortega locked up his signature submission move, the triangle choke.

Once again, Volkanovski battled his way free, and finished the round by hammering the challenger with vicious ground strikes to cap off one of the most thrilling rounds ever seen in a UFC title fight.

Now, one month removed from that incredible night, Volkanovski has recorded a video for his fans on YouTube to talk them through his experience of that fight, and those submission attempts in particular.

While driving his car, he took a deep dive into what happened during those moments, including what went through his mind, and how he summoned up the drive, skill and technique to somehow escape what looked like two potentially fight-ending predicaments before eventually going on to win.

It’s a fascinating watch, and you can check it out right here.