Brave CF super lightweight champion Eldar Eldarov has largely kept quiet while Brazilian contender Joilton Lutterbach fired a salvo of challenges and taunts toward him. But now, after Lutterbach’s latest social media tirade, Eldarov fired back.

Lutterbach took shots at Eldarov for staying quiet and not declaring his interest in facing him in a super lightweight title defence, and even suggested the Russian champion’s silence suggested he was “not so clever.”

Those comments prompted a response from the champion, who did so at length.

“My boy, listen to me, I know in your career you have suffered a lot of knockdowns and knockouts, so maybe your brain is damaged or not working properly,” he began.

“For this, I am truly sorry. I cannot change it, but maybe I can help you with doctors, let me know.

“But you need to understand that in this game, there are managers, there are matchmakers and there is Brave Combat Federation. Whoever they decide is number one in the rankings, he is the athlete I will defend my title against. This is how it works.

“If you think you can come to one of the best organisations in the world, win one fight and talk this way, you are wrong, my friend.

“If you think I am resting or ignoring you, no, I am doing my training camp, to kick your ass or whoever there may be in your place.

“Keep winning, stay ready, let your manager work properly, and get your fight. Don’t talk to me. I never say no. I am a champion and I will defend my title against the number one contender in the rankings.”

Lutterbach is one of three contenders at the top of the Brave CF super lightweight division. Either he, fellow Brazilian Cleiton Silva or Moldova’s Mihail Cotruta should get the next shot at Eldarov and the 165-pound title.

And with both Lutterbach and Cotruta issuing direct callouts to Eldarov, it’ll be interesting to see which contender gets the nod to get the next shot at the Russian’s title.