The 30 fighters set for action at Cage Warriors 158 all successfully made weight ahead of their respective matchups in Rome, Italy on Saturday night. The event will stream live internationally on UFC Fight Pass.

The event will be headlined by a flyweight title fight as Shaj Haque puts his 125-pound title on the line for the first time against former bantamweight champion Michele Martignoni, who has vacated the 135-pound belt and moved down a division in a bid to capture a Cage Warriors title in a second weight class.

Both title fighters had no issue making weight during the official weigh-in session at the Hilton hotel in Rome, with champion Haque stepping on the scale at 124.6 pounds, while Martignoni came in marginally lighter, at 126.4.

The remainder of the 15-fight card all made weight without issue, with one minor exception. Florian Doskja needed a second attempt to hit his contracted weight for his 130-pound catchweight bout against Amir Malekpour. Doskja initially came in 0.2 pounds over the agreed limit and, with no one-pound leeway for catchweight bouts, he was given two hours to lose the remaining weight.

He duly returned to the scale with a half a pound to spare, as he registered an official weight of 129.5 pounds to make his bout official.

Check the full list of official weights below.

Cage Warriors 158: Official weigh-in results


  • Shaj Haque (124.6) vs. Michele Martignoni (124.4) – for flyweight title
  • Dario Bellandi (185.4) vs. Naglis Kanisauskas (183.8)
  • Mason Jones (155.7) vs. Alexandre Ribeiro (153.8)
  • Micol Di Segni (115.2) vs. Amanda Torres (114.6)
  • Michael Pagani (155.4) vs. James Power (155.6)


  • Emanuele Zaccaria (134.7) vs. Sylwester Miller (134.6)
  • Dumitru Girlean (155.6) vs. Leon Hill (156)
  • Niko Ceraglia (149.3) vs. Simone Manno (149.2) – 150-pound catchweight bout
  • Gianluca Scottoli (135.3) vs. Sam Kelly (135.5)
  • Guido Possidente (155.1) vs. Gianluca Rocca (155.9)
  • Alexander Sasha Pirev (135.5) vs. Daan Duijs (138.5) – 139-pound catchweight bout
  • Giacomo Michelis (170.6) vs. Idriss M’roivili (168.1)
  • Emanuele Sabatino (155.6) vs. Aaron Johnson (155.7)
  • Emanuele Tetti (122.3) vs. Dario Palazzo (125.4)
  • Florian Doskja (129.5*) vs. Amir Malekpour (129.8) – 130-pound catchweight bout

* Doskja originally weighed in at 130.2 pounds and made weight at the second attempt