Nate Diaz impressed the world after his commanding victory over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 – three years since his last fight against Conor McGregor.

The Stockton native didn’t miss a beat and looked sharper than ever. That unsurprisingly caught the eye of foe McGregor, who regularly casts his eye across the UFC roster.

Diaz surprisingly didn’t call out the Dubliner after earning the unanimous decision victory, instead opting to call out Jorge Masvidal for a dream fight.

On the third anniversary of their second fight, McGregor took to Instagram to congratulate Diaz on his win, as well as hinting he hopes for a third fight with the active Diaz brother.

“3 years to the day myself and this Mexican animal went to war,” McGregor wrote on an Instagram post.

“Congrats on the win this weekend Nate, it was motivating to see it for my own comeback. I don’t blame you not mentioning me for the trilogy bout post fight, you know what I’m like when I get going. Vicious.

“I loved the round 3 style from round 1 that you implemented. It’s what I was hoping you would implement for this bout and was glad to see you do it. I’ll be prepared for it when we go again. If we go again. If not, respect always. A war for the ages. No b***h talk. Just real s**t.”

So McGregor’s impending MMA comeback has come from the horse’s mouth.

We all want to see Diaz fight Masvidal, but we also all want to see the rubber match between McGregor and Diaz.

We can have both. MMA Gods, please don’t let us down.