As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused almost all of the events industry to shut down, businesses have been forced to find creative ways to stay afloat and offer their fans a product.

British fight promotion Contenders is no different and has found a unique way to host an MMA event with a live audience in a unique way.

Contenders MMA drive-in

On Monday 17 August, the promotion is hosting ‘Contenders 30: Drive In’ – an event where fans can watch the action from their cars during these times of social distancing.

Taking place at Teverham Hall, near Norwich in the east of England, the fights will take place in a raised cage and the action will also be displayed on a 65-foot-square LED big screen.

For audio, fans in attendance can listen to the accompanying commentary through an FM radio frequency they can listen to with their car radios.

As you’d expect, fighter safety is paramount. All fighters, officials and support staff will all be tested for COVID-19 before the event and then contained in a ‘safe zone’ away from the fans watching in their cars from afar.

Nik Aspden, Director of Contenders, is excited to showcase fights in this unique way.

“We want to do things that have never been done before,” Aspden commented in a press release. “By hosting self-service shows, fighters can have their fans safe and controlled at our events, and we can give them the opportunity to be part of the story.

“Participants need to be able to perform the sport they love, and fans deserve to get out of their homes instead of watching television, having been limited to so many hours in their homes.

“Fans can get food and drink in their cars, watch the action on a giant screen, and listen to the live commentary. It will be a unique experience and we are very excited to make MMA and martial arts accessible to a live audience.”