UFC President Dana White cast doubt on the viability of a fight between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier.

Speaking at the UFC press conference outlining its second-quarter schedule, White said a rematch between “DC” and Stipe Miocic is more likely for the UFC heavyweight championship.

That’s despite reports of Lesnar’s return and recent WWE belt loss at last week’s Wrestlemania, freeing him up to moonlight in MMA.

“That fight isn’t even in the works,” UFC President Dana White said of the Lesnar – Cormier matchup. “That fight might not even happen first.

“That’s what Cormier said, too,” White replied as boos rained down in the arena.

“Nothing happened. We haven’t even talked to Brock. We don’t have a date for him right now. The first fight might be Stipe [Miocic].”

Miocic has long campaigned for a rematch against Cormier. So much so, Miocic hasn’t fought since that first-round knockout loss back in July 2018 as he feels no other opponent will do.

However, Miocic may have to wait a little while longer if he is to get his way. According to White, Cormier has been nursing some injuries and recently struggled in a light training session.

“As soon as he’s healthy to fight, we can make a decision on when we’re going to do him and Stipe,” White said.

But it does seem White is hopeful of a future fight between Lesnar and Cormier.

“When Brock Lesnar’s ready, he’ll call me,” he said.