Dana White eyeing Noche UFC event at the Las Vegas Sphere: ‘We’ll put on an incredible show’

The venue, which has been an eye-catching addition to the Las Vegas skyline, hosted a U2 concert last weekend, with those that attended giving rave reviews about the venue, its facilities, and the unique atmosphere inside.

And, speaking to reporters after the Contender Series event on Tuesday night, White said he wants to put an Octagon inside the sphere for a special UFC event on Mexican Independence Day next year.

When asked if the UFC would check out whether they could hold an event in the Sphere, White replied, “It’s not a, ‘check it out.’

“I’m sure you guys that are here in Vegas, everybody was buzzing about the U2 concert on Saturday.

“They said it was incredible. The guys from MSG, whom I have a great relationship with the guys who own it, MSG does everything right.

“Usually, let me tell you what happens — and you’ve probably been a part of this — when a restaurant opens for the first night, when a hotel opens for the first night, it’s a s**t-show, and there’s lots of bad things, they’re trying to figure it out.

“I haven’t heard one negative thing about the opening of The Sphere. The exact opposite, everybody talked about how incredible it was.”

White was gushing in his praise for the Sphere, and was clearly excited at the prospect of running a UFC show at the venue, which would produce a unique viewing experience for the fans in attendance, as well as a unique environment for the fighters competing.

“First of all, the balls to open that place and to do what they’re doing, and then to come in and hit an absolute grand slam home run with the opening,” he continued.

“And you all know that I want that date — that’s what I want, I want to do Mexican Independence Day there. Imagine the show that I can put on at The Sphere with Mexican Independence Day.

“So yeah, we’ll f*****g put on an incredible show in that amazing arena for the next Mexican Independence Day. So I’m very excited about it.”