UFC CEO Dana White dished out five more contracts as the seventh season of the Contender Series came to a close. But they weren’t the only deals handed out that night, as he revealed that he actually gave out another contract backstage at the UFC Apex on Tuesday night.

UFC superfan Joe Reeves won the UFC’s Matchmaker Sweepstakes competition to become a UFC matchmaker for a day, and was White’s special guest at the UFC Apex for the Contender Series season finale. But that wasn’t the end of the story, as White told reporters backstage after the event.

You want to know how f*****g good Joe is? I just hired Joe,” White grinned.

“Joe works for us now. He’s gonna be one of the matchmakers.

“This f*****g kid is awesome. Yeah, I literally just back there. I did all the contracts, and I came back and I said, ‘I got one more. You want to work for the UFC?’ He freaked out! He is a f*****g UFC lunatic. He went toe to toe with the boys today.

“Bring up a guy on the roster that he doesn’t know. He knows everybody on the roster. And he actually did make a fight today.

So, apparently he was down and Lenee (Breckenridge) came in my office this morning raving about the kid, ‘Oh, this kid’s awesome. We love him,’ and this and that.

“And he met a bunch of fighters in the PI today. And one of them was Cody Garbrandt. And they were talking and I guess Garbrandt said, ‘Listen, if you’re the matchmaker for a day, I want to fight in December.’ So he came in and started pitching us on fights for Cody Garbrandt in December, and he made a fight.”

“I’ll let him know when we’re ready, but I don’t want to say it before the f*****g kids even know that they’re fighting. You know what I mean? Because they don’t even know yet. But yeah, Cody, good work! You got it done! He’s fighting in December.

“And do you know what Joe’s wife does for a living? They live in Detroit, Michigan. Guess what Joe’s wife does for a living? She’s a blackjack dealer! It’s like this was meant to be! You think she’s gonna find a job out here in Vegas? I think she will!”