The first night of Dana White’s Contender Series may not have delivered the most spectacular night of fights last week, but this week’s action produced arguably the best night of Contender Series fights in the history of the UFC president’s talent-finding show.

White awarded contracts to all five winners after a night packed with thrilling action, and the UFC boss was still buzzing when he met with reporters backstage at the UFC Apex after the event.

“Guys, you know this to be true,” he enthused, as he explained why MMA fans simply have to be in front of a screen to watch the fights on Tuesday nights.

“If you are a fight fan, you are out of your f*****g mind if you’re not watching he Contender Series on Tuesday night.

“If you are a degenerate gambler, you are out of your mind not to watch. When you put on boxing fights, the guy who’s 1000/1 odds, you know, the guy who’s the favourite to win always wins, right? A 3/1 dog won the fight.

“Anything can happen in these fights and usually do. They’re exciting, they’re fun, they’re fast paced, there’s no bulls**t. There’s no filler or fluff in the middle, man. We just roll right through (with) great fights. And if you’re a fight fan, or a gambler, this is the show to watch on Tuesday night.”