Dean Garnett has already made a splash in Hexagone MMA. Now the Liverpool-based fighter is ready to challenge for championship gold… twice.

Garnett made a statement on his promotional debut earlier this year, when he claimed a 20-second knockout victory to register the fastest KO finish in Hexagone MMA history. Now Garnett will challenge for the vacant featherweight title at Hexagone MMA 8 when he faces Argentine contender Lucas Corbage on June 3 in Reims, France. And, while he’s confident he has his opponent’s number ahead of fight night, Garnett has bigger plans than simply reigning as the French promotion’s 145-pound king.

Speaking during a special photoshoot and workout session in Liverpool, England, Garnett said he has his sights set on two-division glory, though a potential featherweight title defense against French fan-favorite Anthony Dizy also appeals to him.

“I’m potentially considering dropping down to bantamweight as I’m a very small featherweight,” he said.

“But if I do stay at featherweight, I’ve seen Anthony Dizy has signed with Hexagone MMA. He’s the next weight up from me, but when he was fighting on PFL it was at featherweight. If I go down to bantam, then it would be amazing to be the Hexagone MMA double champion. They’ve already got one double champion, but there’s a strong possibility that I’m going to be the second one.”

Before he has to make that sort of career decision, Garnett will face Corbage, and he said he’s confident he has the skills to take the victory, and the featherweight title.

“I’ve watched his last two fights and if he’s not massively improved from those two performances, he’s in for a real tough night,” he said.

“He’s a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, so I’m expecting him to be savvy on the ground but in terms of his wrestling and striking ability, he’s a little bit all over the place, in my opinion. I’m going to pick him apart for that because I’m very disciplined, and he isn’t.”

The Englishman has big plans for the latest stage of a career that has seen him compete for the likes of Cage Warriors, Bellator, and ACB during his career. Now he’s ready for a fresh chapter with Hexagone, Garnett said he won’t launch into any trash talk ahead of his fights. Instead, he wants to let his performances speak for themselves.

“At 34 now, I just like doing my work behind the scenes and letting my fighting do the talking,” he said.

“I can sit here saying I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that, but I have to just get out there and do it… And it’s going to be nicer when I’m getting my hand raised and I’m getting my Hexagone MMA belt around my waist. That’s when I think I’m going to give my burning message to the world, when I’ve got that sense of achievement.”

Photos: Lee Hamilton-Cooper/Hexagone MMA