UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has clearly held disdain for Conor McGregor and that feeling hasn’t changed by the closing stages of 2020.

That’s despite a lot of recent talk about the two rivals coaching on an upcoming new series of The Ultimate Fighter, a show which UFC President Dana White is keen to reboot.

However, despite White mentioning that the UFC was looking to book Khabib and McGregor as competing coaches, Nurmagomedov seemingly has no interest in even entertaining that idea.

“The Ultimate Fighter’ with him is good attention for him,” Nurmagomedov told ESPN. “I don’t want to give him this. I never give him this. Even if they give me $5 billion – even if they gave me the UFC – I never do this. This is good attention for him.

“It’s done. Everything is done Oct. 6, 2018. I finish him. I finish everything about him.”

Of course, Khabib is referencing his fight with McGregor at UFC 229 that saw him win by submission in the fourth round to defend his crown at 155 pounds.

McGregor is likely the last thing on Khabib’s mind right now. He’s all set to face a dangerous challenger in UFC interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje later this month at UFC 254.

As for McGregor, there have been some recent rumblings that he could be preparing for a rematch with Dustin Poirier some time soon.

What is known for sure, though, is that Khabib has no interest in coaching alongside the Irishman on TUF.