After a cordial start to the build-up of their upcoming bout, things have heated up somewhat ahead of Paddy Pimblett’s fight with Jordan Leavitt this coming weekend.

The pair are set to face off at UFC London on July 23, and it seems Leavitt’s dismissive comments about the Englishman have not gone down well with “Paddy The Baddy.”

Chatting to Fighters Only, and other reporters, at media day in London, a fired-up Pimblett made clear exactly what he plans to unleash on his opponent at the O2 on Saturday night.

“I’m gonna put on a showcase with my hands and my feet,” he stated.

“I’m gonna put it on him on the feet. He’s gonna see a new side of me that you’ve never seen before.

“I wanted to do it in the last fight (against Kazula Vargas), but as I say I was very disappointed in the last performance. (I) come out and threw two kicks, didn’t even throw a punch, lad. Felt like a little b***h after it. He hit me with a hook and I shot in for a panic shot, ended up on the bottom.

“My takedown percentage in the UFC is zero percent. I feel like an absolute little p***y. But I’m going to make a statement at the weekend. Watch, I can’t wait to come out and absolutely flat-line him. I’m gonna put him unconscious.”

Despite his fired-up demeanour, Pimblett also made sure to confirm that he’s staying calm and relaxed ahead of the matchup, and that he won’t let emotion get in the way of him getting the job done on fight night.

“I am relaxed,” he grinned.

“I just think who’s he talking about? He’s a no one. He’s a nobody. And he’s talking about me, that I’ve fought nobody, and I’m a no one.

“His head’s gonna fall off when he walks out (at the O2 Arena). He’s only ever fought at the Apex. He’s only ever fought crabs.

“It’s a big difference between fighting me and fighting Matt Wiman, and fighting that fat featherweight, and then that Trey Ogden. As I said, my nan’s dead, and she’d finish him!”