Frankie Edgar’s long journey to become a UFC two-division champion hit a snag on Saturday night.

That snag was the flying knee of Cory Sandhagen, who shut off the New Jersey native’s lights in a matter of seconds at UFC Fight Night 184.

The former UFC lightweight champion is as tough and classy as they come and, as you have come to expect with Edgar, he offered a dignified perspective on his defeat via social media.

“I’ve licked my wounds long enough,” Edgar began on an Instagram post. “I’m home with family, life is good. On Saturday I was as prepared for a fight as I could have been. Props to Cory Sandhagen – he landed a perfectly timed and executed bomb on me. Luckily, I don’t remember it much.

“This game can be a cruel bitch and Saturday night was just that, but I ain’t panicked. [I’ve] been here before. Thank you to my family, team and friends who really are all one in the same for continually giving me the love and support it takes to be a fighter. The loyalty and unconditional love and guidance you all give me is truly unbelievable. I love you all more than you know. To my fans, who always ride with me, I appreciate you all and you make this fun for me. [Until] the next time, see you all soon!”

Edgar’s run at becoming a bantamweight champion got off to a good start when he defeated the highly-touted Pedro Munhoz by decision last year.

Knowing “The Answer” like we do, it’s almost certain that Edgar will dust himself off in no time to try and continue on his quest to win gold at 135 pounds.