They’ve had the announcement. They’ve done the press conference. They’ve even swapped insults. But still UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre are seemingly no closer to giving us a date and venue for their impending showdown.

The more it drags on, of course, the more the cynics start to circle and wonder whether the fight will even happen. The more Michael Bisping is liable to eye up other middleweights against whom he can defend his title. The more ‘The Count’ questions Georges St-Pierre’s desire to fight again.

Yet, clearly, based on the hint St-Pierre dropped on social media today, there’s something brewing. The 35-year-old French-Canadian was in Madison Square Garden, New York on Tuesday evening to see a New York Rangers hockey game and was so caught up in the event he decided to take a selfie and accompany the picture with the following message: Big thanks to @NYRangers and #mvpgroupintl for inviting me and @Erik_Owings at @TheGarden for the game tonight! I could be fighting here in a few months… Can’t wait!!!

So now we know. Kind of. If indeed GSP still has designs on fighting Bisping at some point in 2017, it could be as headliner at MSG. Or, you know, maybe not.

Watch this space.


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