French promotion Hexagone MMA and Bahraini promotion Brave CF have announced that they will team up for a special co-promoted event on Thursday, September 7.

“Hexagone MMA vs. Brave CF,” which will take place at the H Arena in Nantes, France, will see key talent from both promotions in action as the two organizations showcase their respective rosters in an event that will see Brave hold an event on French soil for the first time as they visit their 29th country in just seven years.

The two promotions announced the event at a special press conference in Nantes, where the representatives of both organizations shared their comments ahead of their jointly-promoted event.

“As our name suggests we aim to travel France as a whole to take the best of MMA across all corners of the country,” said Jerome Pourrut, co-founder of Hexagone MMA.

“Through this exciting collaboration with Brave CF, we will be doubling up on our offer in Nantes with the very best of European and world MMA, which will be broadcast globally.”

Mohammed Shahid, president of Brave CF, said: “This event on September 7 will see the true sporting value of mixed martial arts impact France. The best French athletes will get the greatest opportunities in the world while the global eyes of mixed martial arts will be turned onto France. Brave CF is delighted to bring this historic night to Nantes and we thank the city for making history possible.

“We are confident that this event will be a real success and through the partnership with Hexagone MMA, we can guarantee the best entertainment value to MMA fans in France with some of the best fighters in France and the world in action.”