Since its inception in Sweden in 2012, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation – better known as IMMAF – has looked to provide a framework for the amateur side of MMA to help legitimise the sport and help it gain international recognition across the globe.

The early years saw the organisation team up with the UFC as IMMAF looked to establish itself and lay the groundwork to become the strong, respected organisation it is today.

To celebrate their 10 years in operation, IMMAF has commissioned a five-part docu-series that will be released periodically on their YouTube channel.

Per IMMAF’s press release, “the series aims to tell IMMAF’s story, recounting its challenges and celebrating its achievements through the voices of behind-the-scenes pioneers who have made significant contributions to the global development of MMA and who continue to shape the sport’s direction today.”

Episode 2 focuses on the inaugural 2014 World Championships at UFC Fight Week in Vegas, the first international, amateur tournament of its kind that set numerous precedents in the sport.