Oktagon’s new reality show for the UK and Irish market is ready to hit screens on Tuesday, September 12, with Irish team coach Paddy Holohan excited for the action to unfold.

Former UFC flyweight Holohan fought five times in the Octagon, winning three times, and has since transitioned to coaching and will take the helm of Team Ireland in the upcoming show, Oktagon Challenge: England vs. Ireland.

The show will see two teams of fighters go head to head in a series of team-based challenges that take the athletes outside of their comfort zones, with elimination bouts pitting fighters from the two teams toe to toe inside the cage.

And, ahead of the premiere episode of the series, which streams on Channel 4 platforms in the UK, Holohan has shared his enthusiasm for the show.

“Oktagon is a great set up,” said Holohan.

“I can tell by the founders, Pavol and Ondrej, that it’s going to be a success. What they’ve created for the younger generation here is very special. The Irish scene now is buzzing, with Conor (McGregor), Ian Garry, Shauna Bannon, and these fighters here can join those guys as leading the new charge.”

Holohan also hinted that the Irish team may have a collective edge over their English counterparts due to their togetherness.

“You can see in the English team that it’s divided,” he said.

“My team is talking, having fun, and that is more important. A lot of battles in history have been won by the lesser team who were up for the fight.”

Holohan’s career experience will be hugely valuable to his young charges in Team Ireland, and “The Hooligan” also said that he’d chatted with his most famous teammate from Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, Conor McGregor, who shared his excitement for the show, which has numerous similarities to the classic format of The Ultimate Fighter.

“I was chatting to Conor about this, and he was amazed that someone in Europe had picked up this kind of show, like The Ultimate Fighter,” he said.

“He’s happy for it, and thinks it’s a brilliant idea. He’s really supportive of it, and he’d be all over this.”